We approach our corporate clients with high quality, highly tailored concierge services in luxury travel, entertainment and lifestyle fields. Compared to other companies, we do not operate like a call center, we value quality over quantity, though our extensive network of lavish partners, we operate globally to offer the best solutions to our clients.

Hostess / Steward
The importance of quality hostess/steward services, underestimated at times, contributes to reinforcing the client’s image during national and international events. Moreover, each hostess/steward supports the sales team during events, providing potential clients with essential commercial information or bringing the most economically significant requests to the attention of stand staff. During trade fairs and events, hostesses/stewards are available in uniform, which can be rented in the colours of the client company or association, or in classic suits. For specific requirements, we provide models with the proposal of a casting to select the most appropriate one to represent your company or product.

Our interpreters have been responsible for communication in many conferences, conventions and meetings, and have contributed to the successful outcome of business negotiations. Aware of the fact that interpreting often represents a unique and unrepeatable occasion, decisive for our client’s success, we only offer qualified professionals, facilitating the service by providing documentation on the event in advance and monitoring the quality of the service provided.